Skirting boards & accessories

Acustòp is the only skirting board that does not amplify acoustic parameters inside buildings. The product's effectiveness has been tested at the University of Ferrara and the Giordano Institute.

By adhering perfectly to the floor, Acustop compensates for any unevenness that may occur. The rubber profile has a colour perfectly matched to the wood to which it is applied.

Thanks to the soft rubber seal, it is quicker to install than a traditional skirting board, saving around 30% installation time.

By adhering perfectly to the floor surface, it prevents the accumulation of dirt under and behind the skirting board, ensuring a more hygienic environment.

The water-based, U.V. drying varnish, which complies with green building regulations, resists the corrosion of chemicals used for domestic cleaning and guarantees the absence of unpleasant odours after installation.